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We believe we offer the right combination of speed, quality, dependability and value necessary to be an asset to your project.  It is our goal to be a resource in our community that can be trusted and counted on to consistently provide reliable and concise carpentry services.



Welcome to NCL Framing, where craftsmanship meets innovation in every nail, every beam, and every corner we touch. Nestled in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, we’re not just a framing company—we’re the architects of your dreams, the creators of spaces where memories are made and futures are shaped.

At NCL Framing, we understand that home is more than just four walls and a roof; it’s a sanctuary, a reflection of your unique style and personality. That’s why we specialize in small-scale home improvements that make a big impact. From elegant window framing to thoughtful modifications for accessibility, from sturdy beams and pillars to transformative basement remodeling, we’re here to turn your vision into reality.

Wood Framing Contractor


Our core business is erecting, modifying and repairing wood structural systems.  From large projects like the Ronald Mcdonald house to single family homes and decks. Our residential framing services are tailored to bring your dream home to life. Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating, our expert team ensures precision and quality in every detail. We understand the importance of structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, working closely with homeowners and builders to exceed expectations.

Wood Framing Contractor


Our core business is erecting, modifying and repairing wood structural systems.  From large projects like the Ronald Mcdonald house to single family homes and decks.. For commercial projects demanding durability, efficiency, and adherence to strict timelines, our commercial framing services deliver excellence. With years of experience in the industry, we tackle projects of all scales with precision engineering and professional craftsmanship, ensuring that your commercial space stands the test of time.

Calgary Home Construction

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF):

We have the experience and equipment required to properly implement any ICF installation.  From a full foundation to party walls or retaining walls. Experience energy efficiency and superior insulation with our Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) services. By utilizing cutting-edge techniques and materials, we construct durable and environmentally-friendly structures that offer unmatched thermal performance, noise reduction, and longevity.

Wood Framing Contractor

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP):

We have the experience required to properly and safely install your Structural Insulated Panel system.  From walls to roof we can safely manage the entire process. Revolutionize your construction projects with our Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) installation services. SIPs offer unparalleled strength, energy efficiency, and rapid installation, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Our skilled team ensures precise assembly and seamless integration, resulting in structures that are not only robust but also highly sustainable.

Framing Contractor Calgary

Structural Modifications (Commercial and Residential)

We have extensive experience with bearing wall removals, steel beam retrofits, vaulting existing roof structures, modifying stair wells and repairing existing structures that aren’t holding up as they should.



What sets NCL Framing apart is our commitment to innovation. In an ever-evolving industry, we’re constantly seeking out new technologies, materials, and techniques to enhance our craft and deliver superior results. From eco-friendly practices that prioritize sustainability to cutting-edge design trends that push the boundaries of possibility, we’re always at the forefront of progress.

But our greatest source of pride isn’t in the buildings we construct; it’s in the relationships we build along the way. We’re honored to be a part of your home improvement journey, and we take that responsibility seriously. When you choose NCL Framing, you’re not just hiring a company; you’re joining a community of homeowners who value quality, integrity, and excellence above all else.




Below you can browse a few of our past residential & commercial framing projects, as well as home additions. Or you can explore our past project image gallery.

*** 29 Ave NW (4plex)

*** 24 Ave SW (multi)

*** 14 Ave NE (4plex)

*** Hawks Nest Grove (reno)

*** 32 Ave SW (reno)

*** 43 Ave SW (duplex)

*** 26 Ave NW (house)

**** 51 Ave SW (house)

*** 25 Ave NW (duplex)

Asylum for Art (reno)

*** 2nd St NW (duplex)

*** Aspenmere Circle (house)

*** 23 Ave NW (duplex)

*** 27 Ave NW (duplex)

*** Rossdale Road NW (duplex)

*** 19 Ave NW (house)

*** 33 St NW (duplex)

*** Range Road 32 (reno)

*** Erlton St SW (house)

*** 26 Ave SW (4plex)

*** 36 St SW (house)

*** 226 Benchlands Terrace, Canmore (house)

*** Britannia Dr SE (house)

*** Riverdale Ave SW (steel frame house) (BONE structure)

*** Lott Creek Landing (reno)

*** Cliff Ave SW (garage)

*** Silver valley Blvd NW (reno)

*** Stanley Cres SW (garage)

*** 14 St SW (duplex)

*** Auburn Bay St SE (garage)

*** Garden Cres SW (reno)

*** 4a St NW (reno)

*** Lakeview Green SW (reno)

*** Kelowna Cres SW (reno)

*** Broadview Rd NW (house)

*** Broadview Rd NW (house)

*** Broadview Rd NW (house)

*** 48 Ave SW (special installation)

*** Chicoutimi Dr NW (house)

*** 7 St SW (house)

*** 30th Ave SW (house)

*** Longridge Drive SW

*** 7 Ave NW

*** Lindstrom Drive SW

*** Elbow Drive SW

*** 3 St SW

*** Roxboro Rd SW

*** Barr Rd NW

*** 39 Ave SW

*** 9th St SW

*** 46 Ave SW

*** Springside St

*** 9th St SW

*** 48 Ave SW

*** Midvalley Cres SW

*** 4A St SW

*** Quentin St SW

*** 21 St SW

*** 30 Ave SW

*** 23 Ave NW

*** 47 Ave SW

*** 29 Ave NW

*** Madison

*** Laird Court SW

*** Cresent Blvd SW

*** Rideau Rd SW

*** Rideau Rd SW

*** Rideau Rd SW

*** Riverdale Ave SW

*** Lansdowne Ave SW

*** Millerville (deck)

Sharon Church

Club Pilates (Rocky Ridge)

*** Reichel Res (house)

*** 17 Ave NW

*** 7A St NW

*** Edelweiss Drive NW

*** 11 St NW

*** 7 Ave NE

*** Woodford Close SW

*** Lake Twintree Way SE

*** Somerset Dr SW

*** Lake Placid Bay SE

*** 86 Ave SE

*** Rideau Road SW

*** 11 Ave NW

*** 41 St SW

*** 23 Ave NW

*** Range Road 25

*** Crescent Blvd SW

*** Hope St SW

*** Scarboro Ave SW

*** Bayview Drive SW

*** Varsity Drive

*** Baro Ave SW (reno)

*** 21 Ave NW

*** 338 Ave SE

*** Boulton Rd NW (church reno)

*** Brent Blvd, Strathmore (church reno)

*** 22 Ave NW

*** 26 St SW

Dairy Queen NW (reno)

*** Dorchestor Ave SW

*** 11A St NE

*** 36A St NW

*** Parkhill Place SE

*** Hendon Drive NW (house)

*** Bearspaw Hills Rd

Lot ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, ***, *** Spring Valley Lane (houses)

A+ Buffet Sushi Bar (reno)

*** 11 St NW

*** Lake Placid Drive SE

*** 15 St NW

*** 18a St NW

*** 2 Ave NW

*** Toronto Cres NW

*** Vartown Place NW

*** Alexander Cres NW

*** Willow Creek Heights

*** Edison Crescent (house)

*** Parkdale (duplex)

PCL Sulphur Mountain

*** 12th Ave NE

*** 26a St SW

*** Ave, Infill

*** 38th St SW

*** Summit Pointe Drive

*** Willow

*** Woodfield Cres SW

*** Lake Tahoe Place SE

*** Hawkcliff Way NW

*** Broadview Rd NW

*** Deerbrook SE

*** 18A St NW

*** 90 Ave SW

*** Scimitar Bay NW

*** Mount Douglas SW

*** 3rd Ave NE

*** Hillhurst SW

*** Rivergreen SE

*** Ave SW

*** Old Banff Coach RD

Sunterra Market Sirocco Drive SW (recycling enclosures)

Heritage Point ICF/Mall

Ronald Mcdonald House (Calgary)

Regis Hotel (specialty install)

The Bow (specialty install)

*** 24A St SW

*** 24A St SW

*** 15 Ave NE

*** 56 Ave SW

*** Valentine Res (reno)

*** 2 Ave NW (fourplex)

*** Kober Res (house)

*** 19 Ave NE

*** 27 St SW

*** 2 St SW

*** 2 St SW

*** Parkhill St SW

*** Parkhill St SW

Canmore 4plex 1 (framing and ICF)

Canmore 4plex 2 (framing and ICF

Links at Desert Blume Cubhouse (Medicine Hat)

*** 5305 McCall Way NE

Visions Electronics Crowfoot (mezzanine and stairs)

Warner Garage, Okotoks

*** 19 St SW

*** 24 Ave NW

*** McDougall Rd NE (three plex)

*** Signature Close SW (reno)

*** 12 Ave SW

*** 29 Ave SW

*** 29 Ave SW

*** 41 Ave SW

*** Liddell Court SW

*** Lane Crescent SW

*** 12 St NW

*** Park Ave SW

***14A St SW

*** 4A St SW

*** Rideau Rd

*** 20 Ave SW

*** Alcott Rd SE

Elboya Community Hall (reno)

*** Mons Ave SW (reno)

*** Stanley Drive SW (reno)




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